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Dante Lex

Dante Lex is proof that if you set your mind to a task, then anything is possible as he shares how with a little bit of encouragement he became the self taught programmer and problem solver that he is today. A key example of 'Back to Basics' is what has allowed for him to seek validation based only on his own ideals, allowing for him to work at his own speed and in his own time.

Oliver Sarfas

Oliver never intended to land in the industry but fate had other ideas for him and once he found his footing he continued on to become the creator and maker he is today. With projects in the pipeline he is keen to help other's who are looking to break their way in to the industry by sharing his thoughts via his content. His ideals of building absolutely anything allows for a free spirit to search until he lands on what he wants, and as he looks to the future and filling the gap in an ever changing market he is sure to utilise and put to practice all available resources that are out there.