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Marie Denis

Embracing the opportunities that the female tech industry has to offer, Marie is a dominant figure in the movement of female makers and uses her experience and learning to provide you with insight into what it means to be a creator in a diverse and continuously evolving industry.

Hari Krishna

It the was the millenium when Hari was first introduced to the world of programming. Now almost 20 years later he is continuing to work to pursue his passion. With a strong belief that code can shape and change the world around you and that you are only limited by your own imagination.

Wilbert Liu

Finding the correlation between two things can be difficult for anyone to understand but Wilbert made sure that any misunderstandings he had were key to building his character as his love for computer science grew. Although there have been walls for him to break down on his journey as a programmer, he has used his experiences to turn him into a dynamic and thoughtful maker who's advice is to master your fundamental's first and use collaboration as a dynamic tool to allow you to grow as a maker.