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Leonardo Bighi

By looking forward at what can be achieved, Leonardo has never looked back since he began his career in programming at the age of 17. Whilst there have been setbacks he has never let that stop him and he has re-ignited his passion for building on his own terms. But what makes him a real tour-de-force is his passion for knowledge outside of programming which he shares here, showing that if you love what you do, the opportunities are endless.

Ryzal Yusoff

Looking for opportunities has always been a strong character trait in Ryzal, and even when rejection could have kicked him; he persevered ensuring that he his love for computing and programming came out on top. Moving halfway across the world to chase his dreams, he now continues to prove that by starting from scratch you can find success if you utilise the right resources and the right mind set for what you want to get out of your creator career.