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Andrew Askins

Knowing what motivates and inspires you is key to your success, something which Andrew Askin has proven is a winning formula when road-mapping a career that has taken him down a number of paths but ultimately led him to his company Krit which continues to thrive with each passing year. As he continues to climb with established knowledge of where he intends to go, he proves that knowing your own mind can ultimately provide you with both professional and personal happiness.

Benjamin Spak

Benjamin has always looked at the world knowing that hard work and experience can only be defined by your willingness to learn and apply yourself before taking the next step. With a wealth of experience behind him he presents the reality of what it can take to be successful and what can happen once you take your knowledge building to the next level. From Myspace to the #301DaysofCode challenge his presence within the community has allowed for him to learn, share and educate, which makes him a force to be reckoned with as the community expands.

Jet Holt

Starting in his garden shed, Jet's imagination would take him from creating swords and crossbows and transform him into the programming traveller that he is today, out seeing the world and using his love for coding to share his travels with everyone. Embracing every opportunity to not just learn, but learn from his failures; Jet provides a thorough insight into what it means to be an enthusiastic coder in an ever changing community and how he intends to keep going no matter where in the world he is.