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Bjorn Schijff

From the moment his father introduced him to programming at the tender age of six, Bjorn has grown up with a continuous passion for the industry, and sees every opportunity as the piece of a puzzle that needs to be completed. Beginning with a 'Just Start' attitude, Bjorn shares how positivity can be the key to your success.

Guillaume Bardet

Bringing passions together can be fundamental to success and Guillaume shares how his love for music and programming has allowed for him to continuously express himself in an ever changing industry. With an agency to run and a continued desire to keep learning he is proof that sometimes the best music comes from your passions.

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Sarah Jackson

As a kid of the 80's, Sarah has had the opportunity to build from a young age, using a passion for computer games to learn computer languages. Fast forward 30 years, and Sarah's keen eye for problem solving has paved the way for her to become a key asset to those in need, but when facing her own issues has given her the power to take control and become a self proclaimed builder and maker.

Dante Lex

Dante Lex is proof that if you set your mind to a task, then anything is possible as he shares how with a little bit of encouragement he became the self taught programmer and problem solver that he is today. A key example of 'Back to Basics' is what has allowed for him to seek validation based only on his own ideals, allowing for him to work at his own speed and in his own time.

Oliver Sarfas

Oliver never intended to land in the industry but fate had other ideas for him and once he found his footing he continued on to become the creator and maker he is today. With projects in the pipeline he is keen to help other's who are looking to break their way in to the industry by sharing his thoughts via his content. His ideals of building absolutely anything allows for a free spirit to search until he lands on what he wants, and as he looks to the future and filling the gap in an ever changing market he is sure to utilise and put to practice all available resources that are out there.

Lee Crosdale

Lee's keen eye for fixing bugs started from a young age and along the way he's had the opportunity to continue working and learning whilst experiencing the rise (and sometimes fall) of technology. (MSN anyone?). Now as a lead developer he is using his experience to actively solve problems a day at a time whilst ensuring that those who are still quite new to the field are learning in a timely and productive manner. His experience has allowed him to see when it's time to slow down, but also how to utilise the best tools which makes him a seasoned pro in a community that is sure to see more changes in the near future.

Peter Thaleikis

From a young age Peter wanted to fix things, and where the opportunities arose whether it was pulling apart old electronics or computer systems, this intuitive young boy would become a well observed man with a passion to travel far and wide whilst remaining true to his childhood roots. Knowing how to balance your work and what you do for fun is a key point in Peter's life which has allowed for him to produce work that is both filling a gap in the market but also providing valuable tools to not only clients but also the community he has immersed himself in. So grab a cookie or three and learn how Peter has taken his passion for the field and turned it into a well-oiled craft.

Ollie Read

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is an important part to success, Ollie Read has proven that despite his own personal battles that he's been able to use them in a way that has been important in his programming journey. Having first discovered coding at 15, Ollie has gone from strength to strength to become a recognised developer in the PHP/Laravel community.