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Ethan The Maker

Ethan has already begun to make big splashes in the maker community, and at 15 is proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Here, he talks about why he won't be slowing down any time soon as a keen product creator, and how to ensure productivity that can take you to the top.

Steph Smith

A big supporter of females in the maker industry, Steph is using her experience to create products that she wasn't able to previously and has used her drive and passion to turn the community on it's head with products that are hitting the top on ProductHunt. Here she shares how a can do attitude is the key ingredient to becoming a successful maker.

Noemi Stauffer

Appreciating your community can make you unstoppable, and stepping into the tech industry Noemi ensured that her growth came from immersing herself with other creators. Using business acumen, she shares how it's never too late to walk away from something that doesn't give you joy and turn it into something you love.

Benjamin Spak

Benjamin has always looked at the world knowing that hard work and experience can only be defined by your willingness to learn and apply yourself before taking the next step. With a wealth of experience behind him he presents the reality of what it can take to be successful and what can happen once you take your knowledge building to the next level. From Myspace to the #301DaysofCode challenge his presence within the community has allowed for him to learn, share and educate, which makes him a force to be reckoned with as the community expands.

Jess Wallace

Life can sometimes take you on an unexpected journey and as the creator of Coderstory; Jess is a living example of what can happen when life surprises you. As she begins a new chapter in her life with Coderstory she shares why she was ready to bring a platform to life that would educate others, whilst still learning and embracing a community that welcomed her with open eyes. Never one to sit still, she's ready to grow and expand, sharing her passion to bring change to the world one platform at a time.

Arthur Ampofo Brunner

Arthur identifies a hard working ethic and a humble mind key to your success which has allowed for him to control the pace of his journey as a coder. With education at the forefront of his priorities he is keen to ensure that his work is completed at a speed that works best for him, as rushing through will only allow for mistakes in the future. With the finishing line of his degree in touching distance, he is ready to spread his wings and flourish as a creator knowing that there will always be opportunities for him to bring great new things to the coding community.

Ben Wallace

Becoming part of CoderStory was only the beginning for Ben as this particular swim was in uncharted waters. With an opportunity handed to him, his focus has been trying to ensure that everyone's stories are told in the best way possible and bringing content to readers that makes a difference. Just like the stories told before him, and those happening around him he is learning to appreciate what he can do, build his confidence up and become an integral part of the maker community by writing what he believes can make a difference in the future.

James Gallagher

James has had access to computers since the tender age of 4 and has used his passion and perseverance to know his worth which has allowed for him to become his own publicly traded person. With a commitment to not only his shareholders but also to his work he is showing no signs of slowing down and working towards a future that he can shape.

Samuele Dassatti

At 19 years old, Samuele has already launched a product with Microsoft and is currently in the process of launching a new platform that will only cement further the hard work and determination of a young maker who doesn't see boundaries, only a future filled with bright challenges and the opportunity to make excellent products. From creation, to the build and what comes next he is all about pushing himself out of his comfort zone and encourages you to do the same if you want to take your creations as far as they can go.

Shawn Wang

Persistence and utilising the public coding community have been detrimental in Shawn's journey. From one country to another, he has found his calling in a continuosly evolving industry and sees that by learning with your peers, the impossible can become the possible. If there are new toys out there, he's like a kid in a toy shop but utilises this to make him a better maker. Knowing when one thing doesn't work for you is key as like Shawn you can choose to go all in on your passions which will always make for a happier life and creative mindset.