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Ethan The Maker

Ethan has already begun to make big splashes in the maker community, and at 15 is proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Here, he talks about why he won't be slowing down any time soon as a keen product creator, and how to ensure productivity that can take you to the top.

Steph Smith

A big supporter of females in the maker industry, Steph is using her experience to create products that she wasn't able to previously and has used her drive and passion to turn the community on it's head with products that are hitting the top on ProductHunt. Here she shares how a can do attitude is the key ingredient to becoming a successful maker.

Noemi Stauffer

Appreciating your community can make you unstoppable, and stepping into the tech industry Noemi ensured that her growth came from immersing herself with other creators. Using business acumen, she shares how it's never too late to walk away from something that doesn't give you joy and turn it into something you love.

Ryzal Yusoff

Looking for opportunities has always been a strong character trait in Ryzal, and even when rejection could have kicked him; he persevered ensuring that he his love for computing and programming came out on top. Moving halfway across the world to chase his dreams, he now continues to prove that by starting from scratch you can find success if you utilise the right resources and the right mind set for what you want to get out of your creator career.

Jess Wallace

Life can sometimes take you on an unexpected journey and as the creator of Coderstory; Jess is a living example of what can happen when life surprises you. As she begins a new chapter in her life with Coderstory she shares why she was ready to bring a platform to life that would educate others, whilst still learning and embracing a community that welcomed her with open eyes. Never one to sit still, she's ready to grow and expand, sharing her passion to bring change to the world one platform at a time.

Jet Holt

Starting in his garden shed, Jet's imagination would take him from creating swords and crossbows and transform him into the programming traveller that he is today, out seeing the world and using his love for coding to share his travels with everyone. Embracing every opportunity to not just learn, but learn from his failures; Jet provides a thorough insight into what it means to be an enthusiastic coder in an ever changing community and how he intends to keep going no matter where in the world he is.

Omar Rasool

Sometimes you can lose your passion, and when you take time away; breathing space can make your perspective change. For Omar, taking time to see the world re-lit the fire he needed to take back control of his love for technology and embrace his skills in accordance with his own rules. His outlook is refreshing as he looks to climb every steep hill and continue his development to become a maker continuously bringing a splash of colour to the world around him.