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Bjorn Schijff

From the moment his father introduced him to programming at the tender age of six, Bjorn has grown up with a continuous passion for the industry, and sees every opportunity as the piece of a puzzle that needs to be completed. Beginning with a 'Just Start' attitude, Bjorn shares how positivity can be the key to your success.

Guillaume Bardet

Bringing passions together can be fundamental to success and Guillaume shares how his love for music and programming has allowed for him to continuously express himself in an ever changing industry. With an agency to run and a continued desire to keep learning he is proof that sometimes the best music comes from your passions.

Veni Kunche

Throwing yourself in at the deep end can always be a risk, and Veni can tell you from experience that sometimes it's the best way to succeed. Learning from your mistakes can build you up personally and Veni has used her experience to embrace change and evolve within the landscape. Now she shares how personal evolution can make you a tour-de-force creator.