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Pat Walls

Pat Walls takes you on a journey providing insight into his rise from career jumper to a seasoned creator within the maker industry. From not feeling challenged to creating tech challenges for the community, he's taken a passion for quick learn coding and shared it with the world.

Ethan The Maker

Ethan has already begun to make big splashes in the maker community, and at 15 is proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Here, he talks about why he won't be slowing down any time soon as a keen product creator, and how to ensure productivity that can take you to the top.

Steph Smith

A big supporter of females in the maker industry, Steph is using her experience to create products that she wasn't able to previously and has used her drive and passion to turn the community on it's head with products that are hitting the top on ProductHunt. Here she shares how a can do attitude is the key ingredient to becoming a successful maker.

Marie Denis

Embracing the opportunities that the female tech industry has to offer, Marie is a dominant figure in the movement of female makers and uses her experience and learning to provide you with insight into what it means to be a creator in a diverse and continuously evolving industry.

Bjorn Schijff

From the moment his father introduced him to programming at the tender age of six, Bjorn has grown up with a continuous passion for the industry, and sees every opportunity as the piece of a puzzle that needs to be completed. Beginning with a 'Just Start' attitude, Bjorn shares how positivity can be the key to your success.

Guillaume Bardet

Bringing passions together can be fundamental to success and Guillaume shares how his love for music and programming has allowed for him to continuously express himself in an ever changing industry. With an agency to run and a continued desire to keep learning he is proof that sometimes the best music comes from your passions.

Noemi Stauffer

Appreciating your community can make you unstoppable, and stepping into the tech industry Noemi ensured that her growth came from immersing herself with other creators. Using business acumen, she shares how it's never too late to walk away from something that doesn't give you joy and turn it into something you love.

Veni Kunche

Throwing yourself in at the deep end can always be a risk, and Veni can tell you from experience that sometimes it's the best way to succeed. Learning from your mistakes can build you up personally and Veni has used her experience to embrace change and evolve within the landscape. Now she shares how personal evolution can make you a tour-de-force creator.

Leonardo Bighi

By looking forward at what can be achieved, Leonardo has never looked back since he began his career in programming at the age of 17. Whilst there have been setbacks he has never let that stop him and he has re-ignited his passion for building on his own terms. But what makes him a real tour-de-force is his passion for knowledge outside of programming which he shares here, showing that if you love what you do, the opportunities are endless.

Danielle Johnson

Seeing the world can be good for the soul, and Danielle has ensured that whilst she travels with her beloved she can share her passion and love for the creator's community. Never staying in one place for too long, she is living proof that you can take your love for creating and set yourself up anywhere on this beautiful planet. With a bumpy start into the industry, Danielle realised that with determination she could succeed and provides beautiful insight into what made her pick the life of a maker.

Ryzal Yusoff

Looking for opportunities has always been a strong character trait in Ryzal, and even when rejection could have kicked him; he persevered ensuring that he his love for computing and programming came out on top. Moving halfway across the world to chase his dreams, he now continues to prove that by starting from scratch you can find success if you utilise the right resources and the right mind set for what you want to get out of your creator career.

Johnny Boufarhat

Keeping your vision and goal in mind is a key message that Johnny shares, knowing that whether it relates to your products or even to your life - there is an end result worth fighting for if you allow yourself to share. Sometimes your main passions can overshadow the purpose of what you are trying to achieve, but Johnny shows that you can have the best of both worls if you are motivated.

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Sarah Jackson

As a kid of the 80's, Sarah has had the opportunity to build from a young age, using a passion for computer games to learn computer languages. Fast forward 30 years, and Sarah's keen eye for problem solving has paved the way for her to become a key asset to those in need, but when facing her own issues has given her the power to take control and become a self proclaimed builder and maker.

Hari Krishna

It the was the millenium when Hari was first introduced to the world of programming. Now almost 20 years later he is continuing to work to pursue his passion. With a strong belief that code can shape and change the world around you and that you are only limited by your own imagination.

Andrew Askins

Knowing what motivates and inspires you is key to your success, something which Andrew Askin has proven is a winning formula when road-mapping a career that has taken him down a number of paths but ultimately led him to his company Krit which continues to thrive with each passing year. As he continues to climb with established knowledge of where he intends to go, he proves that knowing your own mind can ultimately provide you with both professional and personal happiness.

Benjamin Spak

Benjamin has always looked at the world knowing that hard work and experience can only be defined by your willingness to learn and apply yourself before taking the next step. With a wealth of experience behind him he presents the reality of what it can take to be successful and what can happen once you take your knowledge building to the next level. From Myspace to the #301DaysofCode challenge his presence within the community has allowed for him to learn, share and educate, which makes him a force to be reckoned with as the community expands.

Jess Wallace

Life can sometimes take you on an unexpected journey and as the creator of Coderstory; Jess is a living example of what can happen when life surprises you. As she begins a new chapter in her life with Coderstory she shares why she was ready to bring a platform to life that would educate others, whilst still learning and embracing a community that welcomed her with open eyes. Never one to sit still, she's ready to grow and expand, sharing her passion to bring change to the world one platform at a time.

Jet Holt

Starting in his garden shed, Jet's imagination would take him from creating swords and crossbows and transform him into the programming traveller that he is today, out seeing the world and using his love for coding to share his travels with everyone. Embracing every opportunity to not just learn, but learn from his failures; Jet provides a thorough insight into what it means to be an enthusiastic coder in an ever changing community and how he intends to keep going no matter where in the world he is.

Omar Rasool

Sometimes you can lose your passion, and when you take time away; breathing space can make your perspective change. For Omar, taking time to see the world re-lit the fire he needed to take back control of his love for technology and embrace his skills in accordance with his own rules. His outlook is refreshing as he looks to climb every steep hill and continue his development to become a maker continuously bringing a splash of colour to the world around him.

Wilbert Liu

Finding the correlation between two things can be difficult for anyone to understand but Wilbert made sure that any misunderstandings he had were key to building his character as his love for computer science grew. Although there have been walls for him to break down on his journey as a programmer, he has used his experiences to turn him into a dynamic and thoughtful maker who's advice is to master your fundamental's first and use collaboration as a dynamic tool to allow you to grow as a maker.

Dante Lex

Dante Lex is proof that if you set your mind to a task, then anything is possible as he shares how with a little bit of encouragement he became the self taught programmer and problem solver that he is today. A key example of 'Back to Basics' is what has allowed for him to seek validation based only on his own ideals, allowing for him to work at his own speed and in his own time.

Paige Gorry

Coding can be like a fun puzzle that you want to solve to ensure that every piece is exactly where it needs to be. Each piece has it's place and for Paige; using this way of thinking has proven to be detrimental throughout her journey as a creator. Whilst self doubt can be a cruel mistress, her accomplishments have proven to be the driving force behind her continued success; and with the world at her feet and with the comraderie of the teams that she has worked alongside she has proven that achieving your successes is down to what you believe in; especially when you practice self belief.

Roland HorvΓ‘th

From a young age, the creative life chose Roland and has continued to grow from cardboard creations to real life technology. Now as he navigates the landscape of technology with many accolades under his belt he continues to build and create products that can make a difference in the lives of people all over the world. With every application that he builds there is a joyful purpose that aims to inspire and as he looks at taking the next step, the footprints he has already created have made an impact that can only continue to bring a smile to those who benefit from his brilliant mind.

Arthur Ampofo Brunner

Arthur identifies a hard working ethic and a humble mind key to your success which has allowed for him to control the pace of his journey as a coder. With education at the forefront of his priorities he is keen to ensure that his work is completed at a speed that works best for him, as rushing through will only allow for mistakes in the future. With the finishing line of his degree in touching distance, he is ready to spread his wings and flourish as a creator knowing that there will always be opportunities for him to bring great new things to the coding community.

Daniel Kaczmarczyk

Daniel may have stepped away from programming when he felt that it wasn't right for him, but after immersing himself into a community of makers and creators he soon found his passion again and has applied his learning in a way that differs from most. The key to his success is ensuring that whatever he has learned can then be teached which ensures success when creating platforms, and with a continued desire to learn, he's a great example of what it means to keep going to become a class act.

Ben Wallace

Becoming part of CoderStory was only the beginning for Ben as this particular swim was in uncharted waters. With an opportunity handed to him, his focus has been trying to ensure that everyone's stories are told in the best way possible and bringing content to readers that makes a difference. Just like the stories told before him, and those happening around him he is learning to appreciate what he can do, build his confidence up and become an integral part of the maker community by writing what he believes can make a difference in the future.

James Gallagher

James has had access to computers since the tender age of 4 and has used his passion and perseverance to know his worth which has allowed for him to become his own publicly traded person. With a commitment to not only his shareholders but also to his work he is showing no signs of slowing down and working towards a future that he can shape.

Samuele Dassatti

At 19 years old, Samuele has already launched a product with Microsoft and is currently in the process of launching a new platform that will only cement further the hard work and determination of a young maker who doesn't see boundaries, only a future filled with bright challenges and the opportunity to make excellent products. From creation, to the build and what comes next he is all about pushing himself out of his comfort zone and encourages you to do the same if you want to take your creations as far as they can go.

Daniel Vinnicombe

Daniel's ideas were built from a desire to learn on his own terms and as time has passed; he has seen what has worked and what hasn't for other platforms. As a maker who was never a fan of the noise that surrounds many applications he wanted to bring something to the community that took out the excess and focused on what they really need, and this is how Makepad was born. Now as he looks to the future, Makepad's light shines bright as he takes it to the next level, all the while ensuring that his knowledge is true to his passions and focus that he controls.

Oliver Sarfas

Oliver never intended to land in the industry but fate had other ideas for him and once he found his footing he continued on to become the creator and maker he is today. With projects in the pipeline he is keen to help other's who are looking to break their way in to the industry by sharing his thoughts via his content. His ideals of building absolutely anything allows for a free spirit to search until he lands on what he wants, and as he looks to the future and filling the gap in an ever changing market he is sure to utilise and put to practice all available resources that are out there.

April Speight

Before cementing herself as an on-trend creator, April's journey as a programmer started in the fashion industry before she took her well designed heels and decided to put her stamp on the tech world. Using her 'Don't give up' attitude she has taken her love for programming and turned it into a career that continues to flourish now that she has found her forever home with Microsoft. With a colourful future ahead of her, she's a force to be reckoned with and the tech runway is the platform that she will continue to keep on giving to.

Lee Crosdale

Lee's keen eye for fixing bugs started from a young age and along the way he's had the opportunity to continue working and learning whilst experiencing the rise (and sometimes fall) of technology. (MSN anyone?). Now as a lead developer he is using his experience to actively solve problems a day at a time whilst ensuring that those who are still quite new to the field are learning in a timely and productive manner. His experience has allowed him to see when it's time to slow down, but also how to utilise the best tools which makes him a seasoned pro in a community that is sure to see more changes in the near future.

Peter Thaleikis

From a young age Peter wanted to fix things, and where the opportunities arose whether it was pulling apart old electronics or computer systems, this intuitive young boy would become a well observed man with a passion to travel far and wide whilst remaining true to his childhood roots. Knowing how to balance your work and what you do for fun is a key point in Peter's life which has allowed for him to produce work that is both filling a gap in the market but also providing valuable tools to not only clients but also the community he has immersed himself in. So grab a cookie or three and learn how Peter has taken his passion for the field and turned it into a well-oiled craft.

Shawn Wang

Persistence and utilising the public coding community have been detrimental in Shawn's journey. From one country to another, he has found his calling in a continuosly evolving industry and sees that by learning with your peers, the impossible can become the possible. If there are new toys out there, he's like a kid in a toy shop but utilises this to make him a better maker. Knowing when one thing doesn't work for you is key as like Shawn you can choose to go all in on your passions which will always make for a happier life and creative mindset.

Ollie Read

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is an important part to success, Ollie Read has proven that despite his own personal battles that he's been able to use them in a way that has been important in his programming journey. Having first discovered coding at 15, Ollie has gone from strength to strength to become a recognised developer in the PHP/Laravel community.